Coille Hooven

I really enjoy the work of Coille Hooven because she throws with porcelain in a way that is very fluid. She deals with the organic like forms and deals with producing work of the human body as well. Her website is very crisp and clean which contrast and frames her work really nicely. After she graduated she did a lot of instructor jobs which I think helped her work a lot.


Kathy Butterly

I admire Kathy Butterly’s work because it reminds me how art can become its own thing. She deals with ceramics but her pieces almost become paintings. They are so expressive through color, shape, and weight that it turns into something more. I like the way her website is set up. It’s very easy to navigate and its very clean. After she graduated it took her a few years to get her work out there but she did a lot of group exhibitions which defiantly got her prepared with having her work shown.

Jess Riva Cooper

I only recently discovered Jess Riva Cooper and something about her work that I love is how natural yet disturbing some of her stuff is. Its beautifully executed but it’s a little haunting to me. She does a lot of sculpture and installations which is really nice to see a big range. Her website is also clean but its very “cookie cutter” to me. Almost too organized and reformed. Its graphically done well but I personally think it could be loosened up a bit and not feel so compressed.


Ferri Farahmandi

Farahmandi’s work deals with form and the human body which really inspires me. I was disappointed to see that her website is depressing. I don’t like it when a website has a black background with white text. I prefer a white background, especially when its showing work because I feel like it gives it a platform. Everything feels really lost and not as accessible as the other sites that I saw. One thing that is good is that her site does reflect her art but I think some design and formatting needs to be worked on.


Ronit Baranga

Another artist that I just discovered is Ronit Baranga. She works in Israel and creates these freaky sculptures. Everything is so detailed that she produces but it also is dark. There was some functional pottery that had these mouths in them. She makes you think about the work. I like her website, I don’t love it. She has a lot of text in it, which some people love. I prefer minimal text, let the work speak for itself.