Day 17 Allen Term 2018-2019: 1/10

I look forward to receiving your Assignment 9 by 8pm

I will share a One Drive folder with all of you via email so that you can start working on Assignment 13

Remember Assignment 12 is due Tuesday. I l look forward to seeing what you come up with!

You can also start working on Assignment 17 which is due 1/17

I have received 3 egg boxes so far. Once I have all 5, I will post a video of opening them .



Day 16 Allen Term 2018-2019 1/9

Hi everyone,

I’m still waiting on  most of  your comments to posts! It’s a lot of reading so please don’t put this off. Check out the Week 4 post for a complete list.

Remember Assignment 9 is due on Wednesday 1/9 at 8pm. Once I receive all of these, you will get an invitation from me via One drive so you can work on Assignment 13 which is due on Monday. This means more reading, so I strongly recommend that you get a move on on those comments so you have time to work on the rest.

I have received 2 eggs (assignment 11) in the mail. I will post a video of opening those when I have received them all. Looking forward to receiving the rest.

Also remember that your website assignment is due next Tuesday.