Day 13 Allen Term 2018-2019: 1/4

Happy Friday everyone! Please spend the weekend working on Assignment 9,  Assignment 12 and be ready for  Assignment 13 which you can start working on after the 10th. You will receive a link with a One Drive folder for each of your peers where you can find the final documents

Don’t forget Assignment 11…. You should get to the post office, or UPS or FedEx today if you haven’t already…

Also remember to comment on each reading post. See the Week 3 post for a complete list of posts you should be commenting on. These comments are your participation grade so be sure to work on these!

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Day 11 Allen Term 2018-2019: 1/2

Good morning and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful celebration.

Remember to meet me on our class facebook group Professional Practices at 6pm today. Come prepared with your questions! See you then (or rather- you will see me then….. I will be doing a live video.

11 Wednesday, January 2

Assignment 10 due TODAY


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