Artist Statement

My work is a commentary on the concept behind “black” within American society. This series desexualizes the white gaze by comparing it with the duality of the black experience. The dehumanization layered within police brutality is displayed through a series of materials depicting different aspects of this issue. My work uses the language of media, culture and biblical relationships that demonstrate racial stereotypes along with classism and American history. This series was decided into 6 different pieces to fully analyze the idea of what “black” means and is perceived. My material choices hint towards the loss and past of the substance to create different reads depending on the audience’s cultural view of the material’s value.

Art is a conversation between the audience and the work, and the Audience should be able to build a relationship within the piece. A strong relationship however alters and grows over time, which means this work should be have several conversations within the piece that the audience is then able to have within itself. This work reflect the time we live in as well as questioning the Audience’s own perspective of race through multiple angles of discussion this work is meant to question and evolve the audiences on perception of their relationship with society and demand they uncover their inner interpretation of their current society