Syllabus: ART 293-01 Professional Practices: The Business of Art   

Syllabus: ART 293-01 Professional Practices: The Business of Art   

The Business of Art: Professional Practices – 50122 – ART 293 – 01

Spring 2020

Thursday 3:20-5:10

Alfred Ceramic Art Museum Seminar Room

Caitlin Brown

(607) 749-0858

Optional textbookGetting Your Sh*t Together The Ultimate Business Manual For Every Practicing Artist   *You are not required to purchase this book. However, it’s only $10 on Amazon, and there are a few copies available at the AU Bookstore. I find this manual to be tremendously helpful.  Companion website  Text for this class will be mostly web resources. Any additional readings will be posted on the blog.

Course Description: The Professional Practices course is an intensive lecture-based study that explores the practical applications of the business of art including presentation, documentation and career planning specific to studio art. This course will cover professional practices in the fine art world as appropriate to emerging artists by providing a foundation of practical information to assist undergraduate and graduate studio majors in building a successful career.

Course Objectives: Preparation for studio art majors for a professional life after college. Topics will include documenting artwork, writing artist statements and resumes, researching employment opportunities and varieties, grant writing, scholarship, exhibition opportunities, assembling promotional material, basic bookkeeping, sales, insurance, taxes and other tools that can support emerging artists. Weekly reading, projects and critiques of projects will culminate in the student submitting an application for one of the following: post-bac programs, residencies or graduate school, grants, exhibitions or employment applications.

Lecture Format: Professional Practices: The Business of Art consists of lectures, discussions, readings, presentations and demonstrations and is presented online  and in person using lectures, discussion and  a class blog and through email communication with the instructor.

Technology Requirements for Students:

  • Access to a computer (Mac or PC) with one of the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows 7 greater; Mac OSX 10.5 or greater. An iPad or tablet alone is NOT sufficient.
  • One of the following internet browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) – Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Facebook:  There is a supplemental Facebook group page on which interesting articles and videos will be posted. Please “friend” Caitlin to be added to the group.

Contact Hours:

  • There will be weekly assignments which include readings and project work.
  • Students are expected to work on projects outside of class
  • Students can reach the instructor in the following ways: email: browncr@alfred.eduor via text (607) 749-0858. Office hours can be scheduled on a case by case basis with the instructor. The Instructor can be found at the Cohen Gallery Monday – Friday, 12pm-5pm. Appointments are necessary.

Assignments: All assignments will be due at noon on the date specified, either posted to the blog, emailed, or turned in on Canvas (will be specified).

Grading: Seventy  percent (70%) of the grade: Students will be required to complete and submit a professional artist application, which includes images, artist statement, biography, exhibition statement or project proposal, resume/cv and cover letter. Thirty percent (30%)of the grade: evidence of engaging with source materials and text through participation,  involvement in group critique and discussion.

70% Assignments

30% Participation: evidence of engaging with source materials and text through involvement in group critique and discussion.

Communication: Send all class related correspondence to Caitlin via email: