Artist Statement

I want to make a suggestion to all of you as you work on your artist statements. Really take a close and honest look at your statements and ask yourself the question: “Can I see in my mind’s eye, my work in these words?” Then ask: “Can someone who has never seen my work see my work in these words?”

*NOTE: always follow all application instructions. If an application asks for a 500 word artist statement – do what they say!

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Documentation and Consistency

There are several pieces of writing that must accompany most applications. These documents must also be displayed in galleries as support information for exhibitions. Each of these documents tell the story of who you are, who you are as an artist and act as a means of translation for viewers. They also oddly say a lot about who you are as a person. If you come across as sloppy in your applications because you lack consistency or did not follow the directions, reviewers may think twice about choosing you. Organizations for whatever type of application you are submitting are taking a risk on you if you are the one to receive the thing for which you are applying. If you come across as detail oriented and thoughtful, reviewers are more likely to trust that you are less risky than someone who did not follow this advice. Continue reading