SamGomez_Assignment 14


-Olivia labeled her documents correctly according to the assignment and I can tell which one I am reading.

-I can find contact information for each document except for her resume which is very important!

-There is consistency in the documents because they use the same font and similar size.

-Artist statement is not included in documents. Resume is included but date, location, and title could be formatted better.

2 improvements:

  • Include name and contact information in your resume.
  • Resume could use different fonts and sizes to organize information a bit better.

2 Strengths:

  • The documents are organized very well and there is clarity as to what the document is.
  • I know exactly what she is applying for.


  • Lauren has the correct document labels and contact information in every document.
  • Together, the documents are very consistent in font and size.
  • Resume layout is consistent and clear for the viewer.

2 improvements:

  • I have no suggestions because the documents were well done.

2 Strengths:

  • The documents were clear.
  • Contact information is presented very professionally and her name is the largest thing on her documents.


  • I can tell what document I am reading only because of the document labels.
  • There is consistency in the font and size.

2 improvements:

  • Documents need to have contact information and her name.
  • The request for a letter of recommendation document had a lot of blanks that should have been written out as if she actually applying for the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

2 Strengths:

  • Grace’s bio is well written.
  • Contact information is formatted nicely on the request for a letter of recommendation.


  • Ginevra has the correct document labels and contact information in every document.
  • Documents are consistent in font size and the name is the biggest thing in the document.

2 improvements:

  • None, the documents were completed correctly according to the assignment.

2 Strengths:

  • Cover letter states what she is applying for and why.
  • Her name and contact information is  at the top and centered. This will stand out to who ever is viewing her application.

Ara, Myah, Britany:

There aren’t enough documents to analyze.