Alessandro Gallo

Jamie Bates Slone

Esmé Saccuccimorano

Joseph Velasquez

Stephanie Alaniz

What is similar? What is different? How is one better than another?

Some of the websites are laid out horizontally while others are laid out vertically. Personally I prefer the horizontal lay out, I just feel like my eye travels around those websites better. Most of the websites have their CV’s easily clickable with direct links. Alessandro and Joseph you need to do a bit more digging to find their CV’s or Resume’s. I think having your CV specifically labeled is better. All the websites have pretty clear links to their artwork as well which I think is very helpful.

Take note what each artist has done since finishing undergraduate school. Make a list of those things.

Most of these artists have done a combination of residencies, teaching, and workshops. Even though Esmé has not graduated she seems to have done these thing as well. Archie Bray was pretty common amongst the ceramic artists. That is the place I noticed the most repetition.

What did you learn about the possibilities that are out there after school? Does everyone go about it the same way?

I think that there are many different options after school. A lot of the artists I looked at have done similar things but I feel like any combination of residencies, teaching, and workshops could work well.

How do these websites function? List one thing that is particularly good and one thing that needs work for each artist. 

Alessandro Gallo

-The three tabs are very easy to click on and follow through with

-The text is so small once you go into the tabs, I think making the text larger would help any reader follow through the site easier

Jamie Bate Slone

-The website is set up so crisp and clean, it is very satisfying to go through

-You have to click on her resume and it brings you to a separate word document which feels a bit clumsy

Esmé Saccuccimorano

-The bell project tab is really beautiful

-The tab for her CV takes you to another page again, which feels clunky

Joseph Velasquez

-His home page is colorful and fun to go through, having his work be shown behind each link works well

-I think having the links at the top as well feels like a bit overkill, it seems like maybe choose one way or the other

Stephanie Alaniz

-Having a portrait on the home page works well to show her as an artist and as a person

-The font is so small on the side that it makes the links seem not as important as they are

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