• Sha’an d’Anthes 
  • works as a freelance illustrator and does most of her work through individual contracting with companies
  • wrote and illustrated her own children’s books
  • Jaimie Warren
  • has had much success in solo exhibitions since graduation
  • continues her “fake public access” show Whoop Dee Doo around the country, working with the public, as well as teaching workshops
  • Matt Bollinger
  • has had solo exhibition with Zürcher Gallery/Studio in New York since 2011
  • teaches at SUNY Purchase
  • Victo Ngai
  • works as an illustrator and has worked with Dreamworks, The New York Times, The New Yorker; she has done ad campaigns for companies like Apple and American Express
  • has taught at School of Visual Art New York, the Illustration Academy, and gives guest lectures and workshops
  • Tim Peacock
  • works as a freelance illustrator and has done editorial illustrations/animations for The New York Times, The New Yorker, Washington Post, Well’s Fargo, The Salvation Army, and many more

Document Consistencies

All have very easy to navigate sites, and it was easy to find information about the artists. Some have their information in the form of a CV, others have compiled it into a bio and/or a list of clients or accomplishments. I think that Victo Ngai has the best looking website in terms of information about her. She has an “about” page that gives her bio as well as a well formatted list of clients and awards. Her information is very well organized and designed comprehensively in an artistic way.

After Graduation

Most of these artists have worked freelance after graduation, but Matt Bollinger and Jaimie Warren have worked closely with galleries, taught, and involved themselves in their communities. Being completely freelance scares me right now, but artists like Sha’an d’Anthes worked with a graphic design agency before going completely freelance. The possibilities after school are really just how you set your mind to where you want your career to go.

Sight Overview

  • Sha’an d’Anthes has a very visually appealing and engaging website website, but there is no bio or CV or information about her other than a FAQ page. There is also no contact information other than linked socials.
  • Jaimie Warren has a simple and sophisticated website that is easy to explore and access information about her shows and works. I do wish that there was more information about her current projects because she does work collaboratively and in performance, and it would be nice to know how to get involved with her work.
  • Matt Bollinger has a fabulous home page that almost feels like the beginning of a mystery video game. Once you “enter” his website it is very similar to Jaimie Warren’s and is easy to navigate and see the history of his work. Again, I do wish there was more about his current projects, but I suppose that is what his social medias are for.
  • Victo Ngai has the best website out of all of these artists in my opinion. It is not only visually very interesting and engaging, but is also easy to navigate. There is a “you may also like” link at the bottom of the page after you view a body of work that keeps you down the rabbit whole that is her beautiful art. She has links to her store, a Q&A that tells more about her life, and very obvious contact information at the top. It’s the perfect website
  • Tim Peacock also has a well organized and visually appealing website. It is easy to manage and is designed in a grid pattern that is balanced and simple. I wish that his “about” page had more information about his accomplishments and awards and education.

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