Katarina Riesing –

  • Mulitimedia – realistic bodies
  • artwork, CV

Monir Madkour –

  • Sculpture/film – political
  • artwork collection, bio. about me

Jay Brooks –

  • Painter – realism/landscapes
  • Recent works (last updated 2017), about page

Aftyn Shah –

  • Printmaker/painter/mixed media – realism/expressionism
  • Store, about page, resources page

Hannah Webb –

  • Painter – anstract/realism
  • Has work displayed, store, event tab, about me aritist statement

Compare the documents to one another. What is similar? What is different? How is one better than another?

Some of the websites are more personalized and have more clickable options than others, as the others are more simple, to the point, and clean. In terms of similarities, all of the websites have their work displayed somehow, with some information about themselves as well as contact information. Not all of them are artist statements, or history of education, gallery showings, or previous employments. It seems like some of the artists use their website to either simply display their art, use as a professional tool, or is their store/business entirely. I personally like Hannah Webb’s and Aftyn Shah’s websites the most as they are really pleasing visually to me. Shah does a better job at portraying her goal/purpose than Webbs, however, Webbs has more information about past experiences. Brooks does not really have any information on his website, besides a statement about himself, and it has not been updated in a few years. Monir and Kat’s websites are more to the point/neat and professional than the others, and they also have their documents posted as well.

Take note of what each artist has done since finishing undergraduate school. Make a list of those things.

Katarina Ries
How do these websites function? List one thing that is particularly good and one thing that needs work for each artist. ing – teaching at a university, residencies, many gallery showings, masters degree, international traveling.

Monir Madkour – masters degree, teaching at a university, working at a hotshop, internships, studio assistant, exhibitions

Jay Brooks – high school teacher, art competitions, gallery showings, international traveling.

Aftyn Shah – donating profits to a cause, running online business (no other documents or information found)

Hannah Webb – many many exhibitions/shows, youtube, running online business (no other information or documents found)

What did you learn about the possibilities that are out there after school? Does everyone go about it the same way?

I learned that there are a lot of opportunities out there after school, you just have to find them and go after them. In terms of professions, teaching seems to be very common along with freelancing online business. Not everyone goes the same way after undergraduate school in terms of how they seem to present their career. Some seem more relaxed/content about their current existence as an artist while others continue to strive for more opportunities.

How do these websites function? List one thing that is particularly good and one thing that needs work for each artist. 

Katarina Riesing – functions as a portfolio and CV. I like how it is neat/clean and easy to navigate. I just wish more of her personality was portrayed in the website.

Monir Madkour – functions as a portfolio and CV. I like how easy it is to navigate. I wish that the color palette of the website was not as dark.

Jay Brooks – functions as a portfolio. I enjoy the template of the website and how simple it is. However, I wish it was updated, and that the text color or background was different so it was easier to read the about page.

Aftyn Shah – functions as a shop and business platform. I like the use of pictures on the site and how personalized it feels. I wish there was more information about Shah’s experiences.

Hannah Webb – functions as a store, CV, and portfolio. I like the overall aesthetic and layout of the website. I do not really have any improvement feedback, except for maybe having more of an artist syatement.

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