A headshot is something you will be asked for surprisingly often. It is also a great idea to have a good headshot on your instagram profile.

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  1. From reading the articles I’ve realized that it is very important for a headshot to be simple. Having a background that isn’t messy, or limiting props and flashy clothing are good ways to make the headshot look professional and not too busy. The examples in the article still had backgrounds, while the text mentioned it should only really be the face. Does this change depending on what you are using it for? Or is that wiggle room always allowed?

  2. I didn’t realize that it was important for people outside of the performing arts world to invest in professional headshots. As a visual artist, I think it would be important to represent who you are and not just what your face looks like, especially when your work should speak stronger that your physical appearance. Many of the articles said that it was best to look your best but not be too extravagant, but is it okay to show your personality in a headshot?

  3. i thought it was interesting that the environment of the photo is so important. while it makes sense, it just seems that i more often see head shots against a flat background.

  4. I found the Standardization of what a professional should look like a bit disturbing. They seem to be pretty fixed to very limited ideas of gender norms and the physical qualifications that a person must have to be viewed as professional. Do you think this is changing at all?

  5. I learned that a head shot should only include the head with no back ground.

    Is it a bad idea to have a busy background if that background is your art and your art is busy?

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