Christine Raposas _ Artist Statement

Short Artist Statement

I am a painting and ceramics artist. In general, I have focused on painting, but in the past few months, I have been drawn to pottery and ceramic pieces as well. My work has been inspired by vivid memories, memorable places, and spontaneous ideas. My inspiration has been driven by the work of Yayoi Kusama and ambiguous shapes, like that of bacteria. 

I have always loved vibrant colors. I tend to incorporate colors from places I have loved, like the coast of my father’s hometown. My work focuses largely on becoming a distortion of reality; I start with a somewhat realistic sketch, and then warp it using various color and blending. 

Long Artist Statement

My work is comprised of painting and ceramics. I create art primarily because I want to be able to experiment with multiple different mediums and various forms of imagery. In the past, painting has served as my main medium; however, recently I have become more captivated by creating functional and sculptural ceramic forms and in turn painting disorderly bright patterns and imagery on them using colored slip and underglaze.   

            Inspiration for most of my pieces originates from striking places I have travelled to, vivid memories, or just simple spontaneous ideas. A recent source of inspiration has been the shape of bacteria and viruses, their color, and their details; from those, I derive the ideas for my own patterns and repetitions. My style often parallels that of Yayoi Kusama, so in terms of inspiration, I often look to her. 

 I have always favored bright, vibrant colors, in both art and my surroundings. In my work, I often employ colors from some of my favorite places, for example, the brightly painted houses lining the streets of Manila where my father once lived. I find some of my favorite colors in our visits to the Philippines’ coastal towns, in the waves and the palm trees; the faint blue and green hues are a strong factor in most of my pieces.

            A large component of my work is a deviation from reality, whether through the colors, blending, or just odd juxtapositions. To begin, I start with a rather realistic sketch and then slowly warp it with composition and color, and with contrast when painting. The patterns I use are usually fragmented images, parts of a whole, like detached fingers or eyeballs. The repetition of these images both accentuates the details in the pattern and exemplifies the overall distortion of reality.

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