This class is listed as 4 credits. 1 credit of this time will be spent doing an internship with Caitlin one of the areas listed below. 1 credit = 3.5 hours per week. You will be able to list this on your resume as work experience.

Cohen Gallery:

  • Cohen Gallery Assistant Director
  • Bubble and Boxes Manager
  • SHOP Manager
  • Gallery Office Manager/ Archivist
  • Catalog Designer (works with Archivist)
  • PR Designer / website
  • Social Media Manager/ website
  • Photographer


  • This “Week in the Arts” event info/ email
  • Social Media: Alumni Feature/ Spotlight

Alfred Art Walk

  • Art Walk Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Printed Materials Manager

Alfred Village and Alfred Area Business Association

  • Communications Assistant

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