Lauren Morehouse

Short Artist Statement

Lauren Morehouse was born in Wellsville New York. After completing two years of courses at SUNY Alfred State under psychology, she transferred to Alfred University to pursue her passion for Art and Design. Focusing on photography as well as painting and ceramics, her work focuses on the idea of capturing memories. A major influence in Lauren’s life is her close knit family and her surroundings, primarily drawing inspiration from the outdoors. Being self taught, she is now branching out to study art academically in hopes to pursue a career in the creative realm. Her work is visible at

Lauren Morehouse

Long Artist Statement

Art is something I was drawn to, not an activity I chose to do. For me, my work is an expression of my passions and interests just as much as it is a symbol of my bodily freedom. Living with disabilities that have affected me since grade school, art for me began as a way to cope with my physical struggles and take back control of my body and mind. When I am in a creative headspace, I am able to find peace in the moment to channel my focus to my work. A major influence in my life is my close knit family and surroundings, primarily drawing inspiration from the outdoors. I am most conscious of the space around me, having been surrounded by nature my whole life. In my art, I enjoy reflecting the beauty of my hometown environment, and moments or places that may be overlooked or forgotten by others. Having worked heavily with ceramics and painting, my primary focus is currently portrait photography. I am enticed by the idea of capturing memories, preserving them in the form of an image to reflect on for years to come. My goal in every photograph is to capture the essence of my subjects, reflecting their emotions and the importance of that small window in their life. Throughout every piece, soft, muted colors are essential to creating an overall welcoming and intimate feeling. Regardless of medium, I wish to invite the viewers in, to view a glimpse of my life as conveyed through my work. Being self taught, and previously focusing on psychology at Alfred State, I am branching out to study art academically at Alfred University. Being raised in a family that did not value or appreciate the importance of art, it has taken time and perseverance to pursue a career in the creative realm. While previously studying to become a family counselor, I wish to continue my path in art with the goal of helping individuals through methods of creative self expression, as art has helped me in many aspects of my life.  

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