Teaching Philosophy

Writing a Teaching Philosophy

From the University of Minnesota: A teaching philosophy is a self-reflective statement of your beliefs about teaching and learning.  It should also discuss how you put your beliefs into practice by including concrete examples of what you do or anticipate doing in the classroom.  more

Center for Research on Learning and Teaching 

Examples of Teaching Philosophies from University of Michigan students

Writing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement– Ohio State

Goals for student learning – your intended learning outcomes.

  • How do you teach?
  • What is your method?
  • Why do you do it this way?

Assessment of Learning/ Outcomes:

  • How does your assessment process and criteria contribute to student learning?
  • How do you create an environment and conditions conducive to learning?


  • Your best teachers
  •  Your most significant and inspiring learning/ classroom experiences.
  • Your most successful teaching experiences.
  • The most impressive and successful faculty you’ve witnessed teaching.

2 thoughts on “Teaching Philosophy

  1. When writing a Teaching Philosophy, do you gear the writing to be more specific depending on the job you are applying for? Or Should the teaching philosophy be generalized for all learning environments? For example would I use the same teaching philosophy for a college position as I would for a primary school position ? Do you rewrite the Philosophy to be more specific depending on the demographic in which you are applying to teach?

  2. When applying for various opportunities, we discussed reviewing the organizations website and take note of the mission statements, goals and the language used to help word your documents in a way that feels as if you fit in; Does this strategy apply to a teaching philosophy – not that it changes the philosophy itself but the way in which it is written ?

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