Day 1: Spring 2019

Day 1: 1/24

Here we go!

Please read the syllabus  and course schedule throughly.

*Please note- following directions is really important in the business of art. Therefore, following directions is a big part of your participation grade.

Your first Assignment is at the bottom of this post. Please read through to the end.

Blog set up:  It is my understanding that as Foundations students you have all had experience working in WordPress. If you have any trouble, please contact me as soon as you can to get set up.

You have each been invited as authors to our Professional Practices blog. As such, you can publish and manage your own posts, though not those of others. You are invited and encouraged to leave comments for one another. When we divide into groups to critique documents, you will need to email one another documents to edit. Instructions will be given at that time.

Assignments: All Assignments are due- either posted on the class blog or turned in by the beginning of class time on the due date. *will be specified

Not all of your assignments will be due on the blog. Some assignments are due by email, or printed out. Please familiarize yourself with the procedure.

How to Post: 

Title each of your posts with Your name_title

Within the body text, at the top of each post, type:

Your name

Assignment title

Insert read more tag

Then, click your name in the categories section and unclick “Uncategorized”. Unless otherwise directed to, only click the category with your name on it. This will help us all find our own posts more easily.

Etiquette & Conduct:

Guidelines for discussion board and blog posts: All students are expected to participate as outlined. Constructive criticism is expected, though each comment must be put forth in a respectful manner. Disrespectful comments are not helpful to anyone, a waste of all our time, and will not be tolerated.


I created private Facebook Group for our class where there are a number of really interesting articles. Please friend me so I can add you to the group.

Assignment 1: Choose Opportunity/ Plan of Action. Due Wednesday, 1/31/19

Introduction to resources suitable to career development after graduation

Read posts about residencies, graduate schools, post-bac programs, exhibitions, grants, employment

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