Day 5 Allen Term 2018-2019: 12/21

Great work!

Assignments 2 & 3 Due @8pm.

Please take the weekend to catch up on your readings. If you have not been able to get everything in, please take today and this weekend to catch up!  Please revisit your turned in assignments thus far and be sure that you have followed all the directions, and be sure to check the category with your name on all your posts, and insert a read more tag.

  • You have Assignment 4 due on Monday.
  • Over the course of next week, we will be working on the drafts of all of these documents.  You will have a chance to finalizing these documents over the next 2 weeks.
  • Work on  Assignment 5 (due 12/26) and Assignment 6 (due 12/27)
  • begin work on Assignment 7 artist statements due 12/31
  • listen to CAA podcast

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend.

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