Packing and Shipping

Packing an egg

Pack a raw egg  (or another similar fragile object if you’re worried about an egg shortage) for shipping to the best of your ability- based upon your readings. Read post

Option 1:

Take your egg to the post office (if they are still open). Wear Gloves!

Ship to:

Caitlin Brown

11 S Main Street

Alfred, NY 14802

Option 2:

video yourself and post to our facebook group page – dropping your package from a height of at least 10 feet. Be creative. You might want to drop it don some stairs, or out of a window, or off a ladder. Be safe, but make it fun.

Unpack package and prove your egg survived! for those of you who ship, please do this soon. I want to let any virus die in a safe place before I open it. I’ll open the package on video during class.

Package delivered to me OR video due by class on April 9

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