Peer Document Review

due at final

I would like you to look at each of your peer’s documents.  This is a big assignment and I would like you to take it seriously. You will receive a  a link to a One Drive folder with each of your final documents. If you cannot open this folder, please let me know ASAP

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did your peer follow the assignment exactly (document labels)?
  • Can you find contact information (name at least), for your peer both on the document label and within each document?
  • Can you tell what you are reading- is it labelled if unclear (artist statement, bio etc)
  • How do all of these documents look together? Is there consistency between the documents in terms of font and font size?
  • On the artist resume and cv, is there consistency in how the information is spelled out (year, title, location)?
  • In all of the documents, are the organizations that your peer has been a part of listed correctly and completely? Are the locations of these places obvious to all readers?
  • How is the formatting?
  • are there any typos, corrections or suggestions you can make to improve the content?

Last, write a small critique to you peers giving them at least 2 improvements you think they can make, and 2 things you feel they did really well. If you have more to add to that- go for it.

Post these comments on the blog in a post labeled yourname_peer review. Label each comment with your peer’s names

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