Group Project: Image Descriptions

  • Look at group members’ image posts
  • Make notes – 5 adjectives – or short sentences to describe each person’s work
  • Print for class

Group 1:





Group 2:





Group 3:




Image observations: 

In a new post, labelled yourname_ group project 1, write 5 small statements or simple descriptive words about each of your group members’ body of work. Spend time with each gallery. Think about the images as a body of work and examine what you glean from them. How do you interpret the work? What is the central theme? What do you think this work is about?


student 1 name:

  1. one word
  2. one sentence
  3. one word
  4. one word
  5. one sentence

student 2 name: etc…

You may write anywhere between 1 word and one sentence responses. This exercise is for all of you to see whether your intent as artists is actually being communicated visually, so please take the time to really look at each person’s work.  This is not a critique of work, just simple observation. Avoid talking about image quality, we will get to that later in the term.

What you will find when reading these, is that there will be a great deal of agreement about your work, and some small disagreement. These comments will both help you to write your own artist statement this weekend, and to find out what you want to communicate as an artist is actually coming across to you audience.

As submitting applications is most often in the form of digital images of the work rather than the work in person, the responses you receive in this exercise will be a great indication of how your work will be received in an actual application.

some questions to get you started:
• What does it look like? (Size, colors, shapes, textures, light, objects, relationships, etc.) Make your description visual.
• What does the piece inspire in you? Does it evoke any kind of emotion?
• Is there a central or guiding image or idea that ties all the work together or does it feel fragmented?
• What are its different elements and how do they affect each other or interact?
• How does the use of materials add  (or subtract) form the concept?
• How does the work use space/relate to the surrounding space? What would be the ideal space in which to exhibit or
present the work?
• Where does this work fit into (or relate to) your awareness of other contemporary work?

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One thought on “Group Project: Image Descriptions

  1. Carrie:
    • Carrie has a heavy emphasis on the honest female form and feminist topics
    • This effect is carried through the use of loose mark making
    • The shadows she uses are heavy and supplemented by soft highlights
    • When using color, she uses fleshy tones
    • Works with a consistent scale
    • Rooke uses the juxtaposition of simple geometric forms and organic and altered human form to discuss the complexities of the human condition
    • Use of mixed media with an emphasis on metal castings
    • Wide range of form and scale
    • Compositions are minimal with few functioning parts
    • Loose edges and mark making allow figures to embrace a gestural feel
    Jaclyn Doyle:
    • There is a style created in Jackie’s paintings that is not present within the other works
    • Multimedia and metal worked pieces have a feeling that approaches the realm of installation
    • A broad exploration of media and scale
    • Ceramics are in the early stages of wheel thrown form
    • Use of thick and textured paints, a limited and bright palette, and simple composition works strongly in her paintings

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