Artist Resume and CV

1)Read through Resumes and cv post. If your application calls for a resume or a cv, please follow the directions for your application. If your application does not call for either resume or cv, you will create a cv.

2) Create your document

3) Make an appointment with Corey Fecteau at the CDC. She is in the Moka Joka every Wednesday. Make appointment via Handshake

4) Turn this document in as a .doc to the OneDrive by the beginning of class. Save this document as yourname_resume.doc.  or yourname_cv.doc.

*for applications, you will save your resumes as pdf documents to avoid formatting mishaps. For  this assignment however, I would like an unlocked document.

Also, please make sure your contact information is on every page of these documents. As stated in the Documentation and Consistency post, it’s best to have all of this contact information appear in the same way from document to document.

I will read through these on and respond to each of you right on your documents- in red type.

The way I use these two documents is this: I insert ALL new professional experience into my c.v. , from employment , residencies, workshops (both attended and given), teaching, conferences, exhibitions, publications etc. Every new year, I save a copy of this as Caitlin Brown CV 2018 (or whichever year we are in), so I can gauge my own growth. From the CV, I curate my artist resumes based upon which type of application I need it for. For example, if I am applying for an exhibition, I make the Exhibition section heavier, for a residency application, I make the professional experience and residency sections a little heavier. While reading the language of the application, you will get an idea of what they are looking for.

For some purposes, you will be asked for your complete CV, though this document is usually just needed for professional employment in an academic setting.

An artist resume or artist cv is usually between one and two pages long, with the highlights of your career. Pay attention to what each venue is asking for. Many galleries like to have a copy of your resume out so people can see where you are in your career. Typically, this document does not include employment, but focuses instead on your exhibition record.

If you are asked for a professional resume, or if you are applying for employment or an internship rather than to an exhibition, residency, grant etc, your resume will look a bit more like a standard business resume.

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