Photographing your Work

Step 1: read completely the posts entitled photographing your work, managing digital images, submitting and posting digital images

Step 2: Upload 10 images of your work to the Media Library* see below for instructions. If you are a video artist, include a still from your video with a link to Vimeo or YouTube

Include Image List at the bottom of the post

Follow the Directions carefully.

I understand you might not have great images of your work yet. Please submit what you have.

72ppi (8″ x 10″- or 10″ at the largest side)

Each image should be “saved as” your name and image number in the following format: john_doe_1.

Best Practice: Before uploading, save your images in a separate folder on your computer with a label indicating that the folder is for this class. Do not write over your original files but be sure to “save as” and keep the new images in this separate folder to maintain a record of when and how you used the images.

  • First, create a new post
  • Add title: your name_photographing
  • choose a block/ Add gallery
  • Click Upload
  • Drag your images over, or click Select files
  • On the right hand tool bar, under Gallery Settings select 3 columns and make sure the crop images button is clicked on
  • Link to Attachment Page (so we can see the whole image for review)
  • Click the edit button (looks like a pencil) and drag your images into the order you want them
  • Caption your images (any chance you get to label your work- take it!

Insert Horizontal Line:

Create a corresponding image list, save as a pdf and insert as a media file which includes your name, address and contact information. Save as yourname_imagelist

Each should be listed in the following format:

  • image #
  • title of work
  • date created
  • dimensions (h x l x w ) in inches(“) or feet (‘)
  • materials

post all in a blog post titled with your name_photographing

Caption images: in the following format: john_doe_1

Add image list information in the description of each image

Arrange images in order

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