ChloeFisher_Artist Statement

Chloe Fisher

 Long Artist Statement

 I strive to make work for the kitchen, the home, for daily life and the everyday people. My focus with clay is where I achieve my functional pottery produced for everyday use and my tile constructions assembled to decorate the interior and exterior of anyone’s home. My art is purely for aesthetic and functionality, coming from a desire for design and decoration. I know that space is valuable, which is why my pieces are made to fit into the storage of cabinets and shelves or seen on the wall in the way a painting on a canvas sits. Currently, new methods of working and making are ever-changing my processes and expanding my explorations as I look towards modern and contemporary design to source my patterns and forms.

My life’s habits have become the direct influence for my artwork. A constant need to clean and organize has lead me to develop routines in my daily schedule. This repetition has carried its way into the patterns of my making, found both within the processes of my studio practice and in forming the final product. My fascination with tile-making is driven from its repetitive process. Doing the same thing over and over again brings me to a meditative state. The geometry of repeating patterns are drawn onto my functional ware and make up the overall composition of my ceramic canvas.

Chloe Fisher

Short Artist Statement

I am a perfectionist. My studio is extremely organized, everything has its own place. I am continuously moving things around, cleaning, as I have a constant desire for something new, for more space. These habits have found its way into my methods of making as the repetitive nature in my daily life has influenced the repeating patterns drawn onto my functional wares and shape the overall composition of my tile constructions.

My work is for the everyday people, for the kitchen and the home, to be used and admired in everyday life. I make ceramics purely for aesthetic, driven by an admiration of modern and contemporary design. As my processes continue to evolve and create room for more exploration, the expanse of my geometry will follow.

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