Ruth Easterbrook
Artist Statement

A pot’s ultimate service is containing food while becoming part of the domestic landscape. Indoors, like outside, there are objects that make up the environment we build for ourselves. I make elegant pieces that attract engagement and demonstrate my sensitivity to surface and form. I want my work to invite interaction and to be incorporated into the daily lives of others. 
I delight in the possibilities found in combining thrown and hand built pieces to create unique utilitarian ware. I pull from my deep love of illustration’s such as those found in children’s books like Beatrix Potter and Maurice Sendak as well as Japanese woodblocks and vintage wallpapers. I combined influences from the Arts and Craft Movement, European folk ceramics and Minoan historical pots when thinking of form and surface relationships. Botanical structure and patterns also are a constant source of inspiration in my designs and decoration.
To engage intimate attention I use detailed layers of different textures with slips and glazes to create complex surfaces.  I am interested in how the surface interacts and influences the shape of the pot. I am looking for a conversations between each part of the vessel; from ins many layers, to how it sits on the table and ultimately its role in the lives of the users.

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