Assignment 13

Due 4/25

On our facebook group page post a video.

Record this video either from your computer camera or your phone. You can post a live video directly on our facebook group page if you like, or you can upload to the page. Here’s a step by step if you have trouble.

From the shared One Drive folder, find your peers’ artist statements.

You will read out loud, your artist statement, and one of your peer’s statements. So- reading 2 artist statements out loud: yours and the person you are listed with below.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you hear what your statement sounds like out loud- both from you and from another person. This is tremendously helpful and I hope you take this seriously. No one likes to do this- I get it- I don’t like to either. However, I have found this to be really helpful.

I will also be posting videos of me reading your statements. Just so you know- We are the only people in this private group- no one else will see these. I will delete the videos when the term is over.

Reading Groups:

Olivia: Ginevra

Ginevra: Sammie

Sammie: Lauren

Lauren: Ara

Ara: Grace

Grace: Myah

Myah: Brittany

Brittany: Olivia

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