Hourly vs. Contract

Let’s talk about Hourly vs. Contract pay- for example quantifying service in design contracts. Here are a couple articles that I think will help untangle that sticky situation. There’s a ton of really helpful advice out there for designers which I feel can be applied to any artist working on a commission. I googled working freelance, by the job or hourly and found a ton of great stuff for designers.

From Bidsketch -by the way- this blog is an excellent resource for small business and non-profit.

From Career Foundry

From Freelancers Union

From quoterobot – This one is a really good way to see how to figure out your math when getting started. I recommend those of you that make objects for sale vs design use this type of math as well. It’s a good way to separate yourself from the creative act and really figure out what your product is worth.

From Leaving Work Behind

From Benrmatthews – this one is really good because it takes into question how to interact with clients about your rates.

From Creativeline

In all, make sure you have a contract drawn up before you enter into an agreement with any client- even if you are bartering. This keeps things clean and give you a leg to stand on should a client try to get out of your deal.

3 thoughts on “Hourly vs. Contract

  1. I loved the article from the Freelancer Union. I have found that if I do photoshoots for someone that it is helpful to have a simple outline in the contract, but also a more elaborate list of the services they will be getting with their purchase. It pays to be quick so having a base price helps to make sure you make your money.

    Is it good to have flexible packaging and handle each client differently?

    • Great question Anna,
      It is good to have flexible packaging- and to handle each client differently. That said- you don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time. As you go, you will discover some common varieties- then you can make special kind of “meal deals” that mirror the most frequent type of client.

  2. I have always thought that it would be better for freelancers to charge hourly, however, after the reading it makes more sense to have a fixed price. The fixed price helps to keep yourself on track and does not cloud the claimants judgment about price. What are the best things to include in a contract for freelance art?

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