SamGomez_Assignment 14


-Olivia labeled her documents correctly according to the assignment and I can tell which one I am reading.

-I can find contact information for each document except for her resume which is very important!

-There is consistency in the documents because they use the same font and similar size.

-Artist statement is not included in documents. Resume is included but date, location, and title could be formatted better.

2 improvements:

  • Include name and contact information in your resume.
  • Resume could use different fonts and sizes to organize information a bit better.

2 Strengths:

  • The documents are organized very well and there is clarity as to what the document is.
  • I know exactly what she is applying for.


  • Lauren has the correct document labels and contact information in every document.
  • Together, the documents are very consistent in font and size.
  • Resume layout is consistent and clear for the viewer.

2 improvements:

  • I have no suggestions because the documents were well done.

2 Strengths:

  • The documents were clear.
  • Contact information is presented very professionally and her name is the largest thing on her documents.


  • I can tell what document I am reading only because of the document labels.
  • There is consistency in the font and size.

2 improvements:

  • Documents need to have contact information and her name.
  • The request for a letter of recommendation document had a lot of blanks that should have been written out as if she actually applying for the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

2 Strengths:

  • Grace’s bio is well written.
  • Contact information is formatted nicely on the request for a letter of recommendation.


  • Ginevra has the correct document labels and contact information in every document.
  • Documents are consistent in font size and the name is the biggest thing in the document.

2 improvements:

  • None, the documents were completed correctly according to the assignment.

2 Strengths:

  • Cover letter states what she is applying for and why.
  • Her name and contact information is  at the top and centered. This will stand out to who ever is viewing her application.

Ara, Myah, Britany:

There aren’t enough documents to analyze.


My work is a commentary on the concept behind “black” within American society. My work uses the language of media, culture and biblical relationships that demonstrate racial stereotypes, along with classism and American History. The dehumanization layered within police brutality is displayed through a series of materials depicting different aspects within the racial divide thinly hidden beneath American culture. Spanish tree moss, hair, iron, knetting, wool and other materials highlighting different types of killings of the African American. The materials describe black as a separate entity. The experience the history and the pain trapped within the melanated flesh of a neglected people.

These pieces hope to create a conversation on the white gaze by comparing it to the duality of the black experience. These are meant as an explanation of my understanding of what the media shows as the black identity, the simplistic and generic view built by a society that forms their opinions based on an abstracted view, which quickly lead to our emotional demise.