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Daniel Johnston’s website literally just brings you to his email. No resume or artist statement involved, just one full-screen picture of him throwing with a link that says contact. I thought was interesting and sort of like. almost as if he’s saying “yes I’m Daniel and I am the real deal.” I am aware this is unprofessional but I love it.

Mike Stumbras has a pretty odd artist statement and his resume was unreachable so it definitely seems better to just include your your resume or cv as a text on your web page rather than using a link to reach your resume or cv.

I found Steven Lee’s Resume to be very difficult to follow, I think it was based on font and organization. also probably should have a cv at this point instead because it is really long and in depth.

most people do residencies or manage studios after undergrad and return to finish and go for their masters after four or five years it seems. Daniel, I believe only has a BFA and it seems that he doesn’t really intend on doing anything other than make work, which is definitely cool too. Cory did a residency in India, and Steven has done several in China and Korea. I am definitely interested in abroad residencies as well .